Problem Gambling Help for NYS Residents

Do you or someone you know struggle with problem gambling? You’re not
alone. Tens of thousands of people across New York State are affected every
day by problem gambling. Support is available, right now, for gambling
individuals and their loved ones. If you need help, confidential treatment
options can be found in an area near you.

Contact the NYS HOPEline to Find Help Near You

If you live in New York State and problem gambling is affecting your life, call
the NYS HOPEline at 1-877- 8-HOPENY (1-877- 846-7369) or text HOPENY

The NYS HOPEline, provided by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance
Abuse Services (OASAS), provides referrals for those seeking problem
gambling treatment services statewide and is a great place to start when
you’re ready to see help for gambling. You’ll be connected to a professional
ready to help assess your situation and help you locate professionals near
you for further help.

Support and information provided through the NYS HOPEline calls are free
for all callers. The NYS HOPEline takes calls related to problem gambling,
substance abuse and alcohol abuse.

Making Help More Accessible for NYS Residents

Every day, the Problem Gambling Training Partnership is working hard to
train more mental health professionals on the assessment and treatment of
gambling disorder. Through these efforts, an ever-increasing number of
professionals are becoming available to serve individuals and their families
throughout NYS. These professionals, along with many more throughout the
state, are ready to help at any time. By using the methods described above to
find help, you’ll take the first step in a journey toward recovery and a healthy