Program Benefits

FREE Training and Continuing Education

The Problem Gambling Training Partnership aims to increase the number of mental health professionals trained in the assessment and treatment of problem gambling and gambling disorder.  The PGTP brings together clinicians from various sectors of the mental health and addiction fields  to develop a better understanding of what problem gambling and gambling disorder are, and how to better serve individuals and families experiencing gambling problems.

Be the first to take advantage of this unique, first-of-its-kind training opportunity!

Become a Referral Source on the Problem Gambling Treatment Referral List

Through participation in the NYS Problem Gambling Training Partnership, New York state licensed mental health practitioners with a private practice may opt to be considered part of the Problem Gambling Treatment Referral List.  Attendance at a Problem Gambling Training Partnership Conference is the first step in the process to become eligible to be listed on the NYS Problem Gambling Referral List.  Find out more about the eligibility requirements HERE.

Why Our Program Matters

Problem gambling doesn’t just the affect the person who gambles, it can have devastating consequences for the people around them too. That’s why we need more trained treatment providers statewide. By completing this program, you can help to make the difference in the lives of many in your area.  Interested in participating in an upcoming training conference? Find out more here!